An application provides back-office administration functions on one platform, enabling business owners to grow their business whilst safeguarding the enterprise against risk in an increasingly complex world. Covering banking, invoices, payroll, accounting, and tax.

Project Info

Adobe XD, Abstract

Orchid B

2020 – 2021

Project Stats

User Research
Information Architecture
User Interface Design
Usability Testing


“Creating the first, comprehensive back-office platform for the self-employed and SMEs.”

Design Process

User Persona

Created based on the user interviews conducted.

The Problem

Entrepreneurs require the services of up to 20 different back-office providers to manage banking, payroll, invoices, reconciliations, accounting adjustments, tax, and statutory returns. That’s over 200 processes that need handling every year, in separate systems, that don’t talk to each other. A sole proprietor spends up to $ 25,000 a year in back-office fees. Including their billable time, that can mean $ 65,000 every year, and even more for SMEs.

The Solution

Based on the user research and requirement analysis we have created a high fidelity prototype of an iOS mobile application with onboarding in just 10 minutes and the card available immediately on the phone along with the brain features such as banking, cards, payroll, accounting, invoice, and reporting. Goal is running the entire back-office for small businesses with currency wallets, insurance, and business registration, all in one. By integrating with specialized “back-end” partners, we will not reinvent the wheel but we will save our clients a lot of time and money.


Mood board
Low fidelity wireframes
User interface design
Interactive prototype using Adobe XD