The project is protected by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA); visual designs, links to prototypes, or some crucial parts of it may not be permissible to share publicly.


Transform a green screen application with legacy UI into a browser-based version. Other than being user-centric, business requirements called for a data-first workflow, with business event detection and logging, and actionable exception-based management.

Project Info

Sketch, InVision, Figma

Project Stats

User Research
User Experience Design
User Interface Design
Usability Testing


Through strategic incremental deployments, a reimagined user-centric design transformation will not only modernize operations processing but significantly improve efficiencies and minimize production risks. Some of the key improvements will allow users to:

  • Painlessly monitor and review critical processes and statuses through proactive metrics and notifications
  • Utilize exception-based views through role and context-aware sessions
  • Experience workflow advancements which will improve process automation